Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Zero Carb Information/Resources

As some of you may or may not know, I eat only meat (zero carbs).  My diet mainly consists of fatty ground beef but I do mix it up from time to time with chicken, ground pork, steak, and sometimes eggs/bacon. 

I eat this way mainly to be as thin as I can be and because I do have GI issues especially with anything that contains fiber/soy.  I do not have any GI issues eating zero carb.  It also helped me conquer my 'emotional' eating binges.

I have currently been zero carbing for over 14 months with years before that being very low carb.  Here is a before/after pic. 

The before pic (summer 2010) was when I was eating the so-called 'healthy' American diet of no-processed anything and was running marathons.  A lot of good it did! I just kept gaining.  So I decided I had it and started low carbing (LC) it.  I think sometime while I was doing that - I actually tried zero carb for a few months but for some reason, got back on the low carb wagon.  Then I eventually did paleo and then very low carb (VLC).  Then finally I came to my senses last year and went full fledge Zero Carb (ZC).  The after pic is me at Disney a few weeks ago. (I don't work out at all by the way.)
Anyways, if you are interested in learning about Zero can check out our Facebook group and some great blogs below:
High Steaks Blog (This guy is hilarious.)

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