Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Backyard BBQ Event! (Ends May 16th)

Welcome to the Backyard BBQ Event! This event has been in the works since the end of last summer, so we've been working hard bring this to you!

This event it hosted by Dixieland Reviews and Co-Hosted by: Mom 'N Daughter Savings, Southern Mom Loves Deliciously Savvy, Joyful Gifts by Julie, Susie's Reviews & Giveaways, Amy & Arons Real Life Reviews, Michigan Savings & More, Finger Click Saver, Keeping Your Cents, Life of a Southern Mom, Imperfect Women, Babs Projects, The Savings Opportunity, Heartbeats ~Soulstains, and My Starlight Blessings. Please be sure to visit our awesome Co-Hosts, these are some amazing bloggers!

Our Sponsors are We Love Travel Deals and Skinny Ideas.

Prizes: (See photos above!) Prize 1- Weber BBQ Grill -arv:$499 Prize 2- Smoker - arv:$248 Prize 3- Patio Set-arv:$599 Prize 4-Very decorative Cooler: arv:$99 Prize 5- Stainless Steel BBQ Set- arv:$62 Prize 6- Portable Gazebo- arv:$249 Prize 7- Gorgeous Patio Firepit- arv:$119 Prize 8- Croquet Set- arv:$40 Prize 9- Dart Set- arv: $37 Prize 10- 132" Movie Screen AND Projector! arv:$235 & $270 respectively.

There will be 10 winners total, one winner for each prize!

Terms & Conditions: PLEASE READ AS YOU ARE AGREEING TO THESE WHEN YOU ENTER! Must be 18+ and a resident of the US to enter. Void where prohibited by law. All entries from all tools will be combined and they ran through to ensure a fair drawing. All winning entries will be verified, if task on winning entry was not completed and the entry was taken anyway, that entry will be disqualified. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received, winner forfeits the prize and a new winner will be chosen. Winning email will be sent from so please add it to your safe list. We do not spam, nor will we ever sell your email address. We hate spam as much as you do! Prizes are shipped by sponsor. Participating bloggers not responsible for shipment of prizes. Not associated with Facebook or any other social media outlet. By Facebook terms and conditions, we cannot require you to 'like' any Facebook page, we can only ask you to visit them. But it's because of the participating bloggers and sponsors that we are able to bring you such great prizes, and we do appreciate it when you like our pages, plus then you'll know when we have another awesome giveaway! But it is still up to your discretion as to whether you like the page or not, and you will not be penalized. Please direct any questions to Once winners have responded with their mailing information, they will be listed on the WINNERS PAGE. We list first name and last initial to protect privacy. These names are ONLY listed once we receive the mailing info from the winner.



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Zero Carb Information/Resources

As some of you may or may not know, I eat only meat (zero carbs).  My diet mainly consists of fatty ground beef but I do mix it up from time to time with chicken, ground pork, steak, and sometimes eggs/bacon. 

I eat this way mainly to be as thin as I can be and because I do have GI issues especially with anything that contains fiber/soy.  I do not have any GI issues eating zero carb.  It also helped me conquer my 'emotional' eating binges.

I have currently been zero carbing for over 14 months with years before that being very low carb.  Here is a before/after pic. 

The before pic (summer 2010) was when I was eating the so-called 'healthy' American diet of no-processed anything and was running marathons.  A lot of good it did! I just kept gaining.  So I decided I had it and started low carbing (LC) it.  I think sometime while I was doing that - I actually tried zero carb for a few months but for some reason, got back on the low carb wagon.  Then I eventually did paleo and then very low carb (VLC).  Then finally I came to my senses last year and went full fledge Zero Carb (ZC).  The after pic is me at Disney a few weeks ago. (I don't work out at all by the way.)
Anyways, if you are interested in learning about Zero can check out our Facebook group and some great blogs below:
High Steaks Blog (This guy is hilarious.)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

Just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone out there.  I have church in about an hour - my first Easter service.  Not sure if it will be like a normal service or something different so we'll see.  Then I got invited to my friend's aunt-in-law's house for a get together.  They are having ribs (one of my favs) and the kids will be hunting Easter eggs!  Should be fun.  Have a good one, guys!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week Ending April 4, 2015 Photos

Thought I'd share with y'all some of the photos from this last week.  You can see most of them if you follow me on instagram. 

These 4 photos are from Wednesday during the afternoon.  I stayed home for a delivery (new cell phone cuz my old one finally died) and decided to hit the beach after I got the delivery.  Unfortunately, it started raining right as I got there but I did get a few pics anyways!

These next few pics are from that same evening.  Our bible study group decided to get together at the beach and so I took some pics.  Boy - did I get bitten by bugs that day.  I get the most massive bug bites here in Florida.  The only downfall to living here.  These suckers love me.  I don't care if I'm soaking in bug spray...they get me anyways!  And the bites are so some are the size of a quarter.  Not attractive but I'll take it since I have a view like this all the time!

It is finally warm enough that I can start wearing my sandals at work.  And I also decided to actually accessorize myself on Friday with a bracelet (among other items) that I got from my Grandma a long time ago.

The rest of the pics are from today.  I went to the beach to get some sun...and boy did I!  It was even cloudy for the most part.  Please don't use the S word.  I'm 37 years old and if I want to get some sun, I'll get some sun thank you very much.  lol Eventually, I'll have a nice tan...I just gotta work up to it.  Baby steps. 

After the beach I went to a birthday party.  I wanted to wear my cool gemstone sandals...and here they are!  Got 'em at Kohls.

And here's my red face.  No judgment.  I do it on purpose. 

A cool pic I took of the clouds at the beach today.

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