Thursday, March 19, 2015

My First Trip to Disney

Yes, I am 37 years old and am just now getting to experience Walt Disney World!  Here are some of my pics!

This is when we first got in the park (I'm on the left dressed in green - we went on St. Patrick's Day).  We arrived when they opened (about 7:50am) and didn't leave until after they closed (about 12:15am).  Long day but we hit basically all the rides we had on our list and that was a lot!!! 

Meeting Mickey Mouse!

Teacups ride....those boys spun us around so much!  Very dizzy!

The entrance!

Me going down Splash Mountain.  This ride scared me so much so I just closed my eyes and screamed! lol

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Abundance Meditation for Love and Wealth

Thought I'd share this nice meditation.  I've been told I have issues with worthiness and have a view of lack due my childhood because it definitely wasn't easy.  So I'm trying to be aware of that and not have a view of lack in my life - that I deserve love, money, great friends, a good job, abundance, etc.  Meditations like this I like help with changing my mindset. 

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