Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Instas

Just thought I'd share with you guys my January 2015 Instagram pics.

This was January 1st at midnight.  I took a picture of my blinking glass I got from the Bubba Gump restaurant.  I think it had Asti in it.

Ponce Lighthouse - TERRIFYING for me to go up it.

Funny pic I reposted.

This stuff is awesome if you want your hair to get thicker.  Although I must say it does tangle my hair a lot (I have naturally curly naturally tangly hair anyways haha).  So beware of that.  I still use it though to get thicker hair.

I actually went on a run with my friend Kelly outside her apartment complex (down a country road mostly).  We did real well and I think we ran 3.42 miles or something like that.  And I hadn't ran or did any kind of work out since probably September.  Running is just in my blood now I guess so I can go knockout 3 miles and its no big deal.

I have these new Angel Answers cards that I use every once and a while.  I've been told by several 'intuitives' or 'psychics' that basically this year I'm going to meet 'The One' so to even said something about February.  SO of course I asked the cards when I'm going to meet this guy...and this is what I that is exciting...hope the cards are right! 

This is my new bible.  It is really nice.  It is a study bible so it has explanations for everything in the bible basically.  Although a lot of it is still over my head.  Guess that is what I get for not having any religious influence in my life for 37 years.  Probably will take me a while to catch up to my peers.

A selfie of me in the dressing room.  That is actually an old coat but it is still super cute.

My $300 haul from Target.  A whole lotta nothing!

We had some nice weather for a few days.  I guess January is normally 50s/60s here.  I'm over that.  I'm ready for the 80s for sure. haha!  Beach weather!!

A makeup win from a blog called Rebecca Lately.  She totally rocks!

My attempt to cook steaks.  Take a cast iron skillet...sear each side of the steak in oil or lard (till its brown or charred - whatever you like)...

And then stick it in the oven.  I was told 250 for like 20 minutes and that was good.  Although, I was told I could do it for 350/400 for 5 minutes...and it would be hotter.  So I might try that next time and see how that works out.  Whatever you do, make sure you don't forget to use a pot holder at all times!  I had taken the pan out and FORGOT it had been in the oven...and grabbed the handle with my bare hand.  Um yeah...not good.

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