Friday, February 6, 2015

Botox To Help With Teeth Grinding?

So last week I had my first root canal.  Not cool!  I'm only 37!!!  I take care of my teeth like crazy because I spent $4,000 myself getting braces back in my 20s.  I don't want to waste that $4,000 by having all my teeth fall out.  So I have taken care of them since.  But here's my first disclaimer....I have bad teeth genes.  My mom has had tons of root canals and cracked teeth and bridges etc.  So I guess I knew this was coming.  Second disclaimer...contrary to MY popular belief...root canals don't necessarily mean you have bad dental habits or don't brush your teeth or don't floss ALL.THE.DANG.TIME.  (Can you tell I'm SO tired of flossing?)  It just means something in my case.

Apparently, tooth grinding can cause a root/nerve to die.  I guess a lot of pressure on a tooth causes it to die.  How did I find out my root died?  I had recently moved to Florida and found a new dentist to go to here.  He did a panoramic xray which showed a dark area underneath my lower canine tooth.  Turns out it was an abscess (infection) and a big one at that.  Bigger than he normally sees!  *Embarrassed*  So I'm flipping out because I normally have a 'no cavaties'...send me on my way...kind of dentist appointment.  So he decides to take this qtip...and put something cold on it...and proceeded to put that on my gum underneath the opposite canine - PAIN!!!!!  Super duper painful!  So then he puts it on the 'bad' canine gum...and I feel nothing.  He said he was checking to see if the root was dead or not.  Obviously it was dead since I felt nothing.  He then said nonchalantly if I had pain, the infection (abscess) would have been cancer instead.  Well...I guess it could have been that.  So instead he informs me I need a root canal and a crown (the infection only goes away if you get a root canal).  Oh lovely - so now I get a drill down my tooth....then they get to shave my tooth down...and then put on a fake tooth (the crown).  Oh joy. 

They put on a temporary crown until the real crown comes in (on the 25th).  They didn't have a light enough crown so it is actually really yellow although you can't really tell when I smile.

See?  (Disclaimer number 3...there is an instagram filter on the pic haha so yeah maybe that makes the yellow go away lol.)

That picture was taken today for #GoRedSelfie day by the way.  Raising awareness to Heart and Stroke health.  My mom had a stroke probably about 6 years ago.  My Great-Grandma and Grandma had strokes as well.  My Great-Grandma was basically a vegetable from what I remember after her stroke which is sad.  My Grandma just died instantly from it.  Thankfully, my mom survived and with little damage.  She's on medication now I believe so hopefully we can keep that under control.  But so...I can expect a stroke in my future, it seems.  Although, I'm trying to combat it with my diet but...with my might be inevitable.  Anyways, sorry didn't mean to be doom or gloom.  Just want to raise awareness to keep going to the doctor and keep track of the tests they run.  All mine are perfect for now.

Anyways, so to get to the point of this whole blog post...I was reading Men's Journal today (yes, I know it is for men but it is an AWESOME magazine...truly...I learn a lot) and found this short blip about botox and teeth grinding:

I never thought of something like that!  I tried to get a mouth guard last year but I felt like I was allergic to it (the dentist thought I was nuts).  I got severe pain in my throat after just 30 minutes of sleeping with it in.  Might be due to my mouth being open while sleeping and the dry air?  Or maybe I'm truly allergic.  Regardless, I don't wear it.  I do try to wear my retainer every other day.  That helps for sure.  But the pressure on my teeth is still there.  Which causes the root to die!  I may not grind my teeth down (because of the retainer) but the pressure is still real.  Maybe if I do this will help to avoid future root canals?  I will ask my dentist on the 11th (I go in for a cleaning).  I'm sure he'll look at me like I'm a nutcase, but it can't hurt to ask?

So readers, have any of you gotten this procedure done?

(BTW - if I'm going in for botox in my jaw - I might as well get some botox in my forehead and my frown lines as well, right? lol)


  1. I hate tooth problems! I have the teeth grinding problem as well, but never heard of the Botox solution.

  2. i've been grinding my teeth forever - will need to look into this!


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