Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Years Week 2015 Part 4 - Daytona Beach, FL

Ok, these are the last of the pictures from around New Years.  After my friend came to visit me in my town, she headed to Daytona Beach.  She got a condo there for the week.  Since I had to work, I ended up visiting on New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Daytona Beach is only less than 2 hours from me so ultra convenient.

Me at the Bubba Gump restaurant.  LOVE that place.  One of my new favs.

Me and my friend Kelli out on the balcony.  Kind of windy out. lol

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  One of my scariest moments yet!  It is the tallest lighthouse in Florida at 175ft I think.  I had no clue I was in for a freak out!  The stairs to go up were so narrow and there were SO many people in there so my clausterphobia flared up bad.  Then I get to the top and I start flipping out and took a few pics and practically raced down.  Apparently, I my fear of heights is a bit more than I thought.  But the view was beautiful. 

Me and Kris after checking out our bills.  They were super high.  But worth it. 

On the pier.

Wearing kiddie sunglasses trying to be cool.

I look mad here but I was actually having a lot of fun - I was just trying to get the 'sipping' look.

View from the condo.





Sunrise - cloudy but I got some of it.  My first ocean sunrise by the way.

The pics I took at the top of the lighthouse.

Fireworks at the pier over the ocean right after the clock struck midnight.

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