Friday, December 19, 2014

Fashion Friday

Thought I'd write a quick post on some of my finds at Kohls this week.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday for my liver results and while my liver turns out to be fine, my gallbladder is not.  I got gallstones and sludge.  My doctor wants to take the 'wait and see' approach but I wanted to get referred to a GI doctor to see if anything else can be done.  Not sure if I really want it taken out but wanted to see what all my options are and if it is that bad.  Finally 6 years of problems with food seems to be solved.  Funny thing is - I went to a GI doctor in 2011 or so...and he just looked at me like I was nuts with my symptoms.  I had to get an ultrasound to show that something was really wrong.  Ridiculous. 

So in my sadness of the gallstone report, I had to have some retail therapy. LOL  So off to Kohls I went.

I've been needing some brown pants after getting fat juices all over my old ones (nothing seemed to help get that spot out).  They were super oversized (from 40lbs ago) and I probably shouldn't have been wearing them anyways. haha  So many, many months ago I found these Chaps skinny pants (not jeans) that fit perfectly at Kohls.  They were $59 and NEVER on sale anytime I went there.  But on Tuesday they were!  $39!  Plus I had 15% off so I totally bought them.  Here they are. 

Then I stumbled upon the shoes section.  I really need black flats and black heels because I either don't have them or they're too big due to my weight loss I guess.  Of course, I didn't find either that I liked.  But I found some snazzy sandals that of course were too much ($43 on sale) but I was in the impulsive mood so I bought those suckers.

Oh and since it is almost Christmastime I thought I'd share my Christmas tree.  Blurry pic I know.  You can go HERE to see a past post with all my cool ornaments. I really sort of wanted to go home to Ohio this Christmas but can't really because I have to work.  Thinking maybe in March I can go visit the family. 

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