Monday, October 13, 2014

My New Home in Florida

So I ended up getting a double wide trailer out in the country super close to my friend, Kelly and her family (seen here on Wheel of Fortune!):

Hope I'm famous like them someday!  (Hear that Survivor/Big Brother?? lol)

Now I'm going to post some random pics of the area I live at and some of my home and some places I've visited.

This is a picture of my front yard. 

My dining room.

My new dryer

My FL driver's license picture!  Best picture YET!  I thought my Ohio license was awesome but this takes the cake.  Oh and by the way - the people at the DMV...SO friendly.  It is so ODD!  I'm so not used to this small town southern hospitality but that is exactly what it is.  EVERYWHERE you go in my small town, it is like that.  I'm not saying Jacksonville is like that (because I live 45 minutes north) but it could be.  I know a lot of the people at my work in Jacksonville are super friendly and say hi to me ALL THE TIME even if they don't know me.  Pretty nice. 

A frog I saw when I got out of my car one afternoon.  I've seen a green frog since then.  And tons of those geicos!  Super cute.  Oh and some nights when I come home late, there are these golf ball sized beetles greeting me at my door.  Those are super nasty!  Haven't seen an alligators yet, tho. 


This is right outside my building at work.

This was part of my commute from my hotel when I first got to Jax.  I still have to go over a few bridges like this to my new place.  Kind of cool - and scary at the same time.  They do have people that get in wrecks and go over into the water. 

Another pic from outside my work building.

I got invited to a lake house pretty soon after I started work.  I LOVED being there.  This guy had the complete and total set up.

I have a tree lined driveway.

Ah, cable and DVR.  Makes my life complete.

Me at my double wide.

My pathetic patio 'set' LOL.

My washer!  Love the color.

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