Monday, October 13, 2014

My Move to Jacksonville, FL

So as you may or may not know, I moved to the Jacksonville area at the end of July.  I started my job at the end of July and moved into my new place in August.  Even though I moved in, I had none of my stuff (just basically a suitcase and whatever I had bought since being in FL). 

So I had to go back to Omaha to meet the movers at the end of August so they can get my stuff out of storage and transport it to my new place in FL.  Here are a few pictures of my way there:

(Me at the hotel)
As you can tell I enjoyed quite a bit of coffee.  For some reason, this route had like ZERO rest areas so I had to stop at coffee shops quite frequently for a potty break and some Joe. 
So once I got to Omaha, I apparently reserved a creepy hotel (lovely)...I had used my win and they only had certain hotels so I thought that was the best one.  Um, not so much but I survived.  I paid my way there because there was no way the Govt would pay for a 2nd trip (the whole Govt travel (PCS) drama is a whole other drama I don't wanna get into on here). 
So I had my whole next day planned out.  Movers would come repack/load my 10 by 10 storage facility into their truck in a couple of hours - this was based on my previous experience moving from Dayton, OH to Omaha, NE.  I also had to hit up my previous employer to turn something in and then had a hair appointment to get my roots done.  Welp, that didn't happen. 
The female (2) packers showed up - and we're basically goofing around outside in the beginning and who knows what they did when they were packing my stuff.  It was already packed basically and all they had to do was repack the glassware and that is it.  They didn't even do that!  I'm not sure what they were doing and it is a miracle nothing was broken.  They were packing from 8:30am to 2pm.  Loaders showed up at 1pm (supposed to be there at noon).  And lets not forget - I'm at a storage facility so I had to sit in my car THAT WHOLE TIME.  After driving 2 days straight (20+ hours).  Yep - I was livid.  I missed my hair appointment which I was mad about cuz I wanted to see my hairstylist one more time.  I was able to drop what I needed off at my old employer thank goodness.
Here's a pic of the moving truck:
So then the next day I left for Chicago to see an old friend and that didn't go as planned but it is what it is.  BTW - LOVE Chicago drivers on the toll roads.  They drive like me!!  They were all going at least 20 mph over the speed limit!!! (No I don't normally do that but it felt awesome!)  Toll roads suck tho - $6+ each way at least...  Then the next day I drove to Dayton to see my mom and bro and we ate at the Golden Corral.  YUMMY.  Of course, I got all meat. 
Then I hit the road for what was supposed to be a 12 hour drive to Jacksonville, FL but yep - it didn't turn out that way!!!  At the Kentucky welcome center (south of Cincy) had me encountering a sketchy individual.  I stopped at the rest area WAY away from everyone and I was fiddling on my phone before getting out and this guy just comes up to my window out of nowhere and starts talking about how him and his wife's van broke down and they need a water pump and they need $XX and I was like I don't have anything.  Which was a complete lie but this guy was freaking me out!!!  I left without going potty and as I was leaving I saw his 'wife' by their van and she looked STRUNG OUT.  I'm like 'yeah, sure you need a water pump' need money for METH!  I zoomed outta there while he looked for another victim. 
Eventually I hit Tennessee:

So at this point it is getting dark and I had been on the road since 8am?  I think once I got to North Carolina/South Carolina...somewhere along the way I had to I did for 2 hours...then eventually got home at 11am the next day.  It was weird - it was like Omaha was STILL my black cloud even though I wasn't living there anymore and as soon as I got into FL, it was like rainbows everywhere.  It is just a different atmosphere!!!  Love it!

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