Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won The Lottery... #BLOGTOBER14

So I decided to follow some blog prompts (Blogtober14) from two blogs The Daily Tay and Helene In Between.

Helene in Between Blogtober
Here are the prompts for the rest of the month:
You can also link up on their sites as well. 
So the first prompt is If I won the lottery...
I'd totally quit my job!  (Assuming the lottery amount is millions of dollars.)  I used to not think I'd quit my job but the jobs I've had over years are just too stressful.  I'd go do something that I liked to do like work in a mailroom at the post office (I love mail lol) or be a typist or data entry clerk somewhere or volunteer in my small town or just chill for a while until I figure out what to do with my life.
I would buy a house on the ocean.  Probably where I'm at now because my friend lives here so that is the best of both words...ocean and friends! 
WOW!  THIS most definetly should go on my DREAM Board!!!!
I'd also take a FIRST EVER real vacation to Fiji/Bora Bora/Tahiti. 
About Tahiti  | See More Picz :
I'd then buy a Mustang (the most powerful one I could find).  Probably buy a fancy car or suv, too. 
Maybe I'll buy me an island.
Your own island AND a lazy river.  Perfect!
Maybe I'll buy a boat as well.  I would just try to enjoy my time and have fun with it as much as possible. 
I also have a pinterest board I've dedicated to what I would buy if I won the lottery - you can check it out HERE.

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