Sunday, October 5, 2014

I Applied to be on #BB17 (Big Brother) and #Survivor !

Here is the website proof!

I totally did my videos down at the beach.  I wanted to stop by the beach and chill for a bit yesterday and I thought - well maybe I'll bring my iPad and if I feel like it, I'll try to do my application videos for Big Brother and Survivor while I'm there.  I mean who doesn't love a video with the ocean in the background right? 

Here are a couple screenshots from the Survivor video.

The first one shows the ocean behind me and there was actually a person walking their dog at the same time and I captured that.  The second is a screenshot of me.  My hair was wackadoodle and I really wasn't wearing any makeup but eye makeup so I kind of look like a hot mess but I figure they like people who are in their natural state so I gave 'em what they wanted.  Oh and I didn't look to the side the whole time but I was very fidgety in my videos (just the way I am I guess?) and I squinted a lot because the sun was in my eyes but they didn't want the sun to my back so this is what they got.

Both videos I sent in were the first and only takes.  I did the Big Brother video first and the Survivor video second.  I think the Survivor video is better than the Big Brother video but Big Brother is my first choice of shows to get on.  Friday I had thought out what I wanted to say but of course due to my lack of memory - that went out the window and I sort of winged it in both videos.  Hope they like 'em!  This is my second time applying for both shows so fingers crossed!


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