Monday, October 13, 2014

Beach Pics Galore!

So I currently now live about 10 minutes from the OCEAN...which is incredible.  So I thought I'd do a photo dump of a ton of beach pics and some other pics of my choosing.  Enjoy!

This isn't my 4Runner (mine is black) but this is what I want to do someday!  And tailgate out there as well. 

One of my first beach pics when arriving to Florida. 

This is me with some friends I had recently met thru work.  I was invited to this incredible lake house and just swam in the lake for hours and hours.  It was AWESOME.

I ate dinner at Crab Trap in downtown Fernandina Beach and this was a nice image as we were walking to the restaurant.

Not sure if you can see but there are horses in the background about to go on the beach.


At the lake house.

My friend's mom-in-law has a pool and I hit that a few weeks after I got here.  So nice!


  1. the pictures looked lovely, I wish I lived so close to the ocean!

    1. Thanks, Diana! If you ever get the chance in your life to live near the ocean, do it! I never thought it would be this amazing! Should have moved sooner. :)


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