Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I'm back, guys!

That was me yesterday.  I have a full length mirror now in my house and I'm super stoked about it because I'm so vain. LOL! 

Anyways, if you did not know, I moved from Omaha, Nebraska to the Jacksonville, Florida area as of like 6 weeks ago...although I've been living in a hotel and then I had to go back to Omaha to deal with the movers (a 5 day road trip) and then back to my new home to sleep on a futon and live without internet/cable.  Super rough 6 weeks but I got my stuff delivered yesterday and got cable/internet today (still gotta get a DVR on Friday).  So I'm back in business!  Feels good to be normal again although I still have a ton of unpacking.

And so great to be back in the blogging world!  I sure have missed it.

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