Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Size 2...Who Me?

I went to Kohls yesterday to spend my Kohls cash and I saw these jeans I really liked.  I really have no clue what size I am but I did know my size 6s I wear are too big so I chose a size 4 to try on.  And they were TOO big!  I couldn't believe it!!!  I had to buy a size 2!  Here is the tag!

I was shocked!  Not only because I felt like a blimp lately because of eating too much salt but because I had no clue I could EVER fit in a size 2.  I always thought my hips would be the same size forever.  Not so I guess!  It is just unbelievable I could ever be this size!  My way of eating rocks!   It is super hard at times but look at the pay off.  8 months ZC as of a couple days ago.  Awesomeness!

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