Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 2014 Instagram Pics

Thought I'd share with you guys some of my June Instagram pics.  You can follow me on Instagram HERE

Ah....Marcus from The Bachelorette.  Gorgeous!
Nail polish win - I'm not a big fan of the nail polish though.  Does not stay on my nails but then again, most don't.

One of my last times at the Five Salon.  That right there is about 4 inches chopped off with an additional 2 or so inches more chopped off during the styling session.  Let's just say, don't go into the salon annoyed by overly long hair because you'll just want it all chopped and will regret it later!  Totally regretting it.  It doesn't look horrible - it just looks weird especially when it is curly.

Hope so!  Life overall has been pretty rough but I'm super optimistic for the future.  No where to go but up! 

Love this Freepeople top but super expensive!

Got my Jacksonville visitor's magazine in the mail.  Because I am moving to Jacksonville! 

Couple of oracle cards I pulled one day.  Seems my future is bright. 

I definitely need to remember this.

A win.

I like this - Pay Attention which to me also means Be Present.  I tried a lot in June to be present.  Super hard to do and I think I've completely failed at that in July so far but it is a good reminder for sure.

A couple things I bought at Kohls.  <3

Bought this at Target to put water in at work.  Love it!

Someone brought in free Panera coffee to work twice last month.  Super awesome. 

Scarf I won.

Me showing off my muscles for which I don't even work out to get. lol

Audi A6 at my apartment complex clubhouse.  #InLove

Yep - one of those Audi A6s LOADED....$63k...or $1k a month for 5 years PLUS a $12k downpayment.  RIIIIGHT.  Well not in my future right now. lol

Always coffee time!

Put in my 30 day notice!  So not much time to find a place in FL...I might be homeless come the end of July. lol  Currently waiting on my new job to get the paperwork together so I can go find a place.  #Impatient #NotMuchTime

Love this!

I'm in my closet. Right before I went for a run/walk.  The lone run/walk I do a month just to get the heck outta the house and get some sun.

Got some freckles from that sun. yay!

Feeling the breeze after the run.  The one good thing about my shorter hair - my pigtails look way cuter!

The lake I run around.

Not my 4Runner but I love them wheels.  Those would look super fab on my 4Runner.

Showing off my beachy waves.  For a How-to, check it out HERE.
The end!  Hope you liked.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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