Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brooks Running Swag I Won!

I recently entered a giveaway that was posted on the Sweeping America website (check out Sweeping America HERE).  They post a lot of snail mail sweeps, text sweeps, and quick entry period sweeps.  The Brooks giveaway was one of those that was only open on one day for a certain amount of hours and I got in!  I knew I had a great shot to win due to the small entering period window and I won!

I had no idea what I exactly won because it wasn't listed on the website anymore so it was sort of a surprise.  The people at Brooks emailed me saying I won and asked what my sizes were.  They were super nice.  So yesterday, I got my swag.  I added it all up and it is worth approximately $735!!!!  Biggest win this year.  Not to mention THE best win in a long time since I'm a runner and my current running clothes are pretty pathetic. haha 

So my haul is two shorts, a top, capris, jacket, hat, compression socks, pair of running shoes, pair of track shoes, backpack, hat, and bag.  Everything pretty much fit - the shorts were both a bit loose.  I guess I'm a bit smaller than I realize.  But nothing a safety pin couldn't help.  The shorts also had the panty in them so they'll stay on pretty good which I love!!!  The stuff is really good quality.  You can just tell.  I'm so excited!  Can't wait to try it all out!  Being a runner, this is a dream win.  I have been entering for years on several runner blogs and can never win anything so to get it all at once like this is satisfying.  I am so grateful! 

Here is the close up of the shoes I won.  The running shoes are Brooks PureFlow 3 ($100).  According to the site, these shoes are meant to embrace lightweight without losing cushion.  I prefer lightweight shoes for sure and these look very comfy so I can't wait to see how I feel running in these.  The track shoes are The Wire 3 ($120).  They also came with spikes.  These are ideal for distances 1500 meters and beyond.  I can't wait to try these out someday.

Here I am wearing the compression socks ($50) with my new kicks.  I've never had compression socks before (even though I've been running since 2007) so I kind of feel like I'm now an official part of the blogger running community.  haha It seems like they all have compression socks and now I do, too! 
A lot of the clothes I won are PureProject Apparel.  I just found this video about the clothing and learned stuff I had no idea about.  Like all the pockets everywhere (that I didn't see right away) and that the shirt had side cinching which makes it so cute! 

Here are some more pictures from the Brooks website of the clothes I won.

These shorts ($75) were super super cute.  It had back buttoned pockets (super cute) and then around the waistband, it had open pockets in the back and the front.
These shorts ($42) are very lightweight and reflective.  At first glance, I thought they had no pockets.  Wrong!  In the built in panty, there were front and back open pockets!  Awesome!  I'm a girl that needs pockets. 
These capris ($68) fit me like a glove.  They're for temperatures of 40 to 65 degrees.  So they'll keep you warm.  They also have a zippered back pocket. 
This shirt ($60) is SO soft.  Like I want to wear it constantly.  It is definitely a tech kind of shirt (moisture-wicking).  It has side, vertical drawcords that cinch the top up (SUPER CUTE). 
I am absolutely in love with this jacket ($135)!!!  The website says it is wind and water resistant with breathability.  There are two front vertical zip pockets and one back zip pocket which are somewhat concealed under the white fabric.  Super cute!!! 

This is the hat ($20).  This is really nice and has silver along the brim which I love.  This will be great if I ever have to run in the rain. 
This bag ($15) you could use to throw your shoes in and go.  It also has water-resistant fabric. 

This was the backpack ($50).  Tons of pockets including two side mesh water bottle pockets and a ventilated shoe pocket.  Also has a waist belt.  So this would be great for hikes along with normal day to day stuff. 
So that is all the stuff I won!  Can't wait to start wearing/trying some of this stuff out.  I'm so happy.  Thanks, Brooks!!!!

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