Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happenings and Pics Since June 14th

Love this quote.

Photo: Needing nothing attracts everything. - Russell Simmons
The beach is where I'm heading!  (Moving to Jacksonville, FL next month.)
Hard to do but definitely worth trying to remember.
Photo: $54 tank I won.
A tank I won.
Photo: Holy cow
We've been having some crazy storms here in Nebraska lately.
Photo: I miss my long hair.  Waaaaa.
Old pic of me with longer hair.  I am totally missing my long hair.  Waaaah!
Photo: Ring and earrings I got at Kohl's. #infinity
Couple of things I bought from Kohls.
Photo: Gonna use this for water at work.
Bought this at Target and LOVE it.  It is plastic but looks cool.  I use it for ice water at work.
Photo: TONIGHT's the night! #RizzoliandIsles returns at 9/8c on TNT Drama. SHARE if you'll be watching!
One of my most favorite shows premiered this week!
Photo: What the end of the world will look like! LOL
Funny but oh so true.
Photo: Spike television series "COPS" is coming to Omaha! Let’s be on our best behavior!
Guess who's coming to Omaha?  COPS TV baby!  They are filming here.  So I got a month to get in some air time. LOL just kidding
Photo: Happy Birthday, Garfield!!!
It was Garfield's birthday on Thursday.  Love him!
Photo: Free Panera #coffee at work.  Yesss
Free Panera coffee yesterday at work.  Pretty potent!  I was very jittery all day!
Photo: Heavy rain made its way to downtown Omaha. Send us our storm photos:
Storm from last night here in Omaha.  The lightning was non-stop for hours.  I'm not sure how I fell asleep but I did.
Ok, everyone - have a lovely weekend. 

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