Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Brother 16 - Season Premiere Part 1

So my most favorite of all my favorite shows just started last night! Big Brother! YAY!

Welcome back, Julie...long time no see!

Here are all the houseguests. We only saw the first 8 of them last night and we'll see the next 8 tonight.


So it started out with 8 houseguests entering the house. They all introduce themselves. Amber is super jealous of her! Cody and Paola are totally going to get together. Devin looks like "The Rock" and I'll probably continue to call him that. lol Amber likes The Rock but The Rock likes the blue haired girl, Joey. Odd I must say but we all like what we like I guess. lol Donny reminds me of Forrest Gump. I love him already! Frankie seems like he'll be super entertaining (and Paola will as well I'm sure). They're both already cracking me up. Nicole has a quirky sense of humor. I feel like I'm a mix of Donny and Nicole as far as my personality goes. We'll meet the other 8 houseguests tonight.

Anyways, after they were in the house for a bit, they decided to have each other's backs (sort of form an alliance). Then The Rock and Donny decided to form a secret 2 person alliance (The Rock approached Donny about it). Then the girls decided to form an all-girls alliance - we'll see how long that lasts but I think it would be pretty cool to see all girls at the end.

Then it was time for the first HoH competition. It was pretty cool - it was a beach scene. Since I'm moving to Jacksonville, it reminded me of the beach I'll be seeing soon! They basically hold on to a rope (that was a kite) and tried to stay on this rolling thing. Frankie ended up winning after Amber threw it! I couldn't believe she threw it. NOT what I would have done for sure. I think the first HoH is the most important because everyone tries to be your friend and everyone gets to know you right away. But what do I know!

She basically threw it because of the 'twist' which I still don't understand yet. There will be two HoHs...but the HoHs aren't safe? Confusing. And then they have another twist of 'Team America'. What is that! I guess it is three people who work for us (America). MAN! I wish they would have chosen me for this show! (I applied to be on.) I would have LOVED working for America. So that will be interesting.

So that is about it. We get to see part 2 tonight and another HoH competition (see the sneak preview HERE). The live feeds also start tonight so I'll be watching that constantly. I haven't decided yet whether to post spoilers on my page or not. But if I do, I'll post a big (SPOILERS) in the heading.

Anyways, have a good Thursday!!!

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