Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Months Zero Carb!

Today marks 5 months being zero carb.  I'm still around 105lbs but inching closer to 104lbs.  I'm pretty skinny with just probably weight to lose around my trouble areas (hips/stomach area) although that isn't even bad. 

I eat probably 1.5lbs of fatty beef a day plus a chicken breast fried in beef lard.  On the weekends, I might add about a pound of stew meat (steak basically) or another chicken breast to the normal weekday beef/chicken deal.  Ok, I eat a lot.  LOL  Doesn't matter though.

I got a new scale that I get to review and I'll post that on my blog sometime soon.  Here's what it looks like:

It is pretty cool.  I actually had a snazzy scale before but this one is definitely better.  It told me my muscle percentage was 33%!  Normal for women is between 28% to 39%.  And I haven't worked out in almost 3 months.  Not bad.  I'll tell you the rest of my numbers when I do my review.

And don't forget - Big Brother premieres tonight!  YAY!

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