Sunday, May 25, 2014

Totally Just Applied to be on Survivor

Yep - I did it.  I applied to be on Survivor!

I had applied to be on this summer's Big Brother show but never got a call or anything.  So basically that is rejection!  So for me, rejection = motivation.  LOL  I know - doesn't make sense.  So for some reason - I decided to apply for Survivor.
I have never wanted to apply for Survivor due to the 'eating bugs' challenge among other things.  I honestly don't know if I'd do well in the challenges - the physical parts or the puzzles.  Actually I know I would suck at the puzzles. hahaha!  I can't solve a Rubik's cube let alone those puzzles on the show.
I did read somewhere that during the eating bug challenge, Monica actually took her plate and killed those big, squishy grubs instead of eating them alive.  I think what would bother me is eating them alive - so maybe if I can do what Monica did and it won't be so bad?
Not sure how well I'd do in the social aspect of the game.  I can be likable but I can get super annoyed by certain people fast!  But I've dealt with some of the biggest jerks in my time, so maybe I could handle it.  We'll see.
Here is me getting ready to film my 3 minute video:
I did my first take and figured I'd have to redo it 100 times.  I actually ended up liking the first take!  And it was right under the required 3 minutes!  Yes!  I actually love my video.  I showed off my guns haha and I even brought up why I've hesitated in the past to apply because of eating bugs and I even said that was so gross!  I kind of compared myself to this last season's Tony in how he basically analyzed things to death - except I'm not crazy about it like he was. 
I also had to write a 70 word biography for my application.  Can you say super hard?  70 words is not enough.  So I tried to throw in my life in a nutshell and how I am and what I like.  Then at the end I added 'I eat only meat.'  Figured that might turn some heads!  Or at least make them take notice and watch my video. 
So here's the proof:
Wish me luck! 

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