Monday, May 19, 2014

Note to Self...Type of Shoes DO Matter...

Yesterday I decided to get outside for once.  My plan was to run around this lake (with mansions around it) on a sidewalk (3.5 miles) and then run a 1.5 mile trail around this smaller lake nearby.  Since I was running the trail, I figured - I'll just wear my trail running shoes.

I figured - no big deal!  Although, I've never worn trail running shoes on the sidewalk before.

BAD decision.  Haha!  First of all, I ended up not running really at all because I had a side stitch the whole time walking (and got worse when I tried to run).  So here I was WALKING in RUNNING shoes made for TRAILS.  Basically, it is like walking in cleats! 

And what is funny is I ended up not even doing the trail!  I just walked the 3.5 miles on the sidewalk around the big lake. 

Not a big deal tho, right?  Yeah, well this morning the back of my ankles (not sure what that part is officially called) was super sore!  Not too bad right now but I definitely learned my lesson!  Type of shoes do count!  At least in this situation.  haha oopsie!  Lesson learned.


  1. I've run trails in regular shoes with only minor problems, but never tried trail shoes on the road. Hope your ankle is feeling better.

  2. @MCM Mama

    Thanks for commenting! Yep - my ankles are just fine now. They were just sore for about half a day. But I definitely learned my lesson! :)


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