Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Week Astrologically - Cardinal Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipse

So I don't know if you guys follow astrology but I do and I watch all the astrologers and tarot/oracle/angel card readers on YouTube about everything this is going on.

Apparently, this coming week is supposed to be a big deal with the Lunar Eclipse and we already have a Grand Cardinal Cross going on (which I believe creates tension) and that will last through May I think. 

Boy, am I feeling this tension.  Just in normal every day stuff like going shopping or traffic - the tension and anger coming from myself and I'm seeing in others seems to be heightened.  It is almost like I'm tense for no reason.  I was glad the weekend was finally here so I could simmer down from that a bit but...I still feel somewhat tense and I certainly have not been getting restful sleep this weekend either.  No fun! 

I pulled this angel card for myself 2 days in a row so I figure it is some sort of sign.  Appears to be reassurance that I'm on the right path, these things are happening for a reason, to just be aware of it, and that there is a reason for everything.

So the tension is probably the Grand Cardinal Cross.  I am a cardinal sign so this is probably affecting me more than some other signs.
In addition, we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra.  I think this Lunar Eclipse marks change - not sure if it is for everyone but it is definitely for my sign of Cancer.  Basically, supposedly this marks a change in home (possibly moving) and career I believe.  WHICH I HAVE BEEN WANTING FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!!!!  And basically, if you don't want this change, it doesn't matter, the universe will make it for you. 
You can go on YouTube and just search your sign and April 2014 horoscope and you will probably bring up tons of videos that talk about your sign and how these aspects may affect you.  I'm going to add a video below of Michelle from Angel Souls.  She does angel card readings for the masses for each week and specific to each sign for each month.  At the very least, from watching her readings, you'll know that the angels are on your side and with you through these changes and through every day life.
What is interesting is the first card she pulls is change in career/home or possibly start families.  Huge decisions/changes.  By the way, I am ready for this change specifically in where I live so I can be closer to my family/peeps, but I am nervous that the change won't come in the form I am expecting.  However, I know it will be for the best no matter what form it shows up as. 

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