Sunday, March 2, 2014

P90X3 Phase 2 - Done! On To Phase 3!

Well, boys and girls.  I have finished Phase 2 of P90X3.  I think what I take away from Phase 2 is that I am basically mostly muscle now.  I have muscles in places I've never seen before.  And this is coming from a marathon runner! 

I still do not have abs yet but I have lost enough weight that I am hoping the abs come through at the end of Phase 3. 

I have lost 4lbs as of today since February 4th (118.4lbs to 114.4lbs - I'm 5'2").  I started P90X3 January 6th but didn't weigh myself until February 4th because I was scared.  lol  Again, I'm still right on with my diet (find out about that HERE). 

I should post 60 day pics I think on Thursday so watch for those.  The next phase of P90X3 is basically one week I'm doing what I did in Phase 2 (weight type workouts) and then the next week Phase 1 type workouts.  I do want to be able to do the Crow by the time I'm done with this.  I am so close.  I will try to take a picture of myself doing it if I can conquer that.  So watch for that!  What is the Crow, you may ask?  Here is a pic of it (not me): 

Crane Yoga Pose... One of my P90X goals. I got this up to 4 secs!  But hey I'll keep trying!

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