Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

You guys should check out this video sometime if you're looking for your life to get better.  I swear this works!

I started saying it this morning while I was trying to figure out what to do with my curly mop trying to find a bobby pin.  I ended up finding (not only the bobby pin) but my gold earring I've been looking for for months!!!  I was so ecstatic because those earrings are the only ones I have that go with brown outfits (and I wear brown every other day practically).  So happy.  I kept saying it.  I found the perfect headband that I completely forgot I had.  Then I was driving to work down the 3 mile road I drive to get to the highway and normally I hit 4 out of the 6 lights EVERY time and the other 2 most of the time.  I didn't hit ANY of the lights!  ANY!!!!  Insane.  And then when I was home earlier, I dropped a coffee mug right on a breakable surface and it didn't even break!  Seriously, it was like it had a force field around it.  I know I know.  Not like winning the lottery but 'How does it get any better than this?'  :)  I mean it can't hurt to do it.  And I also think it makes you more present in the moment by acknowledging what is going on at that moment. 

Oh, and here is a pic of my hairdo after a long day at work.  Sock bun city. 

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