Saturday, March 29, 2014

All My Cards

So if you follow me on Instagram, you might see how I pull some tarot/oracle cards from time to time for myself.  I pull those for guidance from angels/guides/etc. to help me on my path.

Yesterday, I got a new card deck - Archangel Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue, Ph.D (got mine on  I had a reading back in December from Michelle at  She is the real deal.  Anyways, she used these cards.  Since then, I've been trying to seek guidance from angels/guides.  So I thought I'd buy these cards as an easier way to get guidance from them plus I wanted to learn all the Archangels' names and what their specialties are.  These cards help with that.

Here are all my card decks I now have (with the exception of my Cupid Cards which I haven't used in a loooong time due to no special someone being in my life lol).

The first deck is the traditional Tarot cards.  For me, these are the 'serious' overall big picture sort of cards.  I use these every few days.  The Psychic Tarot Cards are so dang pretty and I think I love these the best.  A lot of times I'll pull certain Chakra cards and I take this as a sign to do some sort of Chakra meditation (even though I am too impatient to do meditation - I try to do a short one anyways).  The Enchanted Map Oracle cards are pretty too and I think these are to show you where you are going.  I normally do these everyday with the Psychic cards.  And then you have the Archangel Oracle Cards I just got.  I'll try to use those everyday. 

Again, you can check me out on Instagram and see what cards I pick and the meaning.  Here's a card I picked yesterday from the Map cards.  So pretty, right?

Basically it is a sign that my waiting is over, all my hard work has paid off, and the things I hoped for are no longer beyond my scope.  I have the ability to reach for the stars and find one with my name on it.  Spread my wings and soar. 

Also, are you one who sees repeating numbers all the time?  Like 11:11, 9:11, 4:44, etc.?  Well, here is a site that addresses what each of them mean: 

Repeating Numbers

Have a good weekend!

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