Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 8 P90X3

Today starts Week 8 of P90X3 which is the 'recovery' week of Phase II.  Here is what I do every time I do P90X3:

abs #p90x3


No six pack here just yet.  I am getting buffer than I have been ever!  Which is sort of cool.  To see your body be able to get like that is pretty amazing.

I do struggle on some days where I just wanna lay on the couch and be a blob.  But this is P90X3...not P89X3.  :)

Everybody can spare 2% of their day to exercise.  P90X3, in just 30 minutes a day.  #p90x3 #beachbody

So was Isometrix.  Last time I did this, I HATED it.  It is like taking all the hardest moves of yoga and holding them for 45 seconds.  Killer.  Although, now that I'm stronger, I actually am liking it. 

Although I did have some issues.  With the planks, I felt like I was going to have a hernia!  Then doing the Tree Pose, I somehow loosened my leg from my hip bone?  Or least that is what it felt like.  I've actually had something happen to me before after running when I twisted the wrong way getting out of my car.  The 'dislocation' or whatever it was, was way worse then.  It seems to be back in place now. lol  Oh, and they we had these moves that were like downward dog but one hand and leg up at a time - so I kept thinking my other arm was going to snap backwards.  It was kind of sketchy for a few moments there.  But I survived. 

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