Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tarot Cards

I've had tarot cards since probably my late teens.  Recently, I've wanted to get into them some more so the last 2 days I've been pulling a card or two for myself just asking a general question like "What do you want me to know today." 

I know you guys might not care about the cards I pull for myself but I think blogging about them will help me and those who are interested on what the cards mean when I pull them.  I actually found a great website that explains all the cards in pretty good details.  You can go HERE to check it out.  Pretty good stuff.

So anyways, this is the card I pulled for myself today:

So what does this card mean for me?  If you check out that website, it could mean many things.  It is actually a very good card.  Some tarot readers refer to it as the Wish Card.  Which I think is pretty cool. 

I think what it (hopefully) reflects in my life is the meaning of that whatever my heart's desire is, it shall be granted in the coming days.  This may mean it might not be exactly what I expected but I will get what I want.  Which, I can only assume it will have to do with my career because I've been trying to get a job closer to my family and friends.  So fingers crossed!

It can mean other things as well:
  • Emotionally fulfilling situation.
  • Friendships solidified.
  • Joy and happiness are within grasp.
  • Steady foundation for the future.
  • Happy with what you have.
  • Excellent health.
So I think this is a very good card for me to get!  Thanks for learning along with me.  I plan to post many more of these because I would love to be able to read these cards by memory someday rather than going to a website. 

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