Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Goals So Far...

The SITS Girls Blog has some writing prompts for February so I thought I'd attempt to do them all or at least try. 

February 1st - Update your readers on your 2014 goals. How are things going? Are you staying on track or facing some challenges?

So my main goal was to start P90X3.

P90X3 Review - Week 4 Results

I haven't missed a workout and I'll be through with Week 4 after today.  Today will be Yoga which isn't so bad.  Anyways, I guess I have 9 more weeks to go!  I am definitely seeing more definition in my arms and my legs look more muscular.  No six pack abs yet.

But this is me when I do the weights workouts:

My other goal was to basically stop eating ice cream.  haha!  I eat the really healthy kind but it still affects me negatively.  Haven't ate any ice cream since around New Years Day.  And then this last week (last Saturday), I went strict zero carb (meat/water only).  Fat is the name of the game.  Anyways, so today is a whole week of doing that.  Already lost a pant size, which is nuts! 

So overall my goals are going really well.  Yay! 

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