Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting P90X3 Tomorrow!

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So I recently bought P90X3.  Me and some others are going to start it tomorrow.  For 90 days. 

I've done P90X years ago so I'm pretty familiar with the format.  But I was never a fan of working out for an hour.  P90X3 is 30 minute workouts so that is what attracted me to it. 

I'm doing the Mass schedule shown below:

Most people choose the Classic schedule since they want to lose weight.  But I just want to tone up - get some abs and guns.  I already control my weight thru eating so no need for cardio and so this is perfect. 

I want abs like this girl!

Whoa! Check out these #P90X3 before and after results! #TonyHorton

Can't wait to start!

P90x! Starting week 3 - time to BRING IT!

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