Sunday, January 12, 2014

Salomon Sense Mantra Trail Running Shoes Review

I got the opportunity to try some trail running shoes from Salomon.

Salomon Sense Mantra Trail Running Shoes

Per their website, these shoes are lightweight and designed for:
  • Natural motion
  • Training/racing
They are a lightweight training shoe for forefoot and midfoot strikers who want natural motion, protection and neutral cushioning for high mileage training.

Since I love trail running, I was excited to try them out!  Here are a few pictures I took of them before/after my runs.

The first thing you will notice about these shoes is they don't have typical shoe laces.  You just pull it tight and then tuck the extra lace in the tongue.  So no worries about your shoe laces coming undone and tripping over them. 

The trail I run on in Omaha right now is mostly gravel where you definitely need a shoe that grips well or else you'll be crashing and burning.  As you can tell from the picture below, these shoes have strong grips and did well every time I ran that trail. 

Also, an added bonus, for me at least, was the color of the shoe.  I'm all about fashion even with running shoes.  These matched most of my running clothes (black and gray mostly with some pink thrown in) AND they matched my normal clothes I weight (black/gray mostly).  So I was able to wear them not only trail running but just as part of my normal outfit.  Below is a picture of them with jeans I wore to work.  So comfy, too.

So overall, I really liked these shoes - functional and fashionable.  A+ in my book.  If you are concerned about fit, they have a size guide right on their website.

Website for Salomon Sense Mantra:  Sense Mantra
Follow on Twitter:  @SalomonSports

Here's a nice video from their website showing the Sense Mantra in action.  Pretty cool.

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