Thursday, January 30, 2014

P90X3 - Week 4 So Far

I'm on Week 4 of P90X3.  This is my 'recovery' week but I have to say - it is in no way a recovery!  I'm doing the Mass schedule - which is mainly to tone up.  I don't need cardio.  But this week, they have thrown in a few cardio workouts so it has not been fun!  Today was Pilates and I was happy about that.

Me about to do Pilates!

Also, got one of my wins in the mail today so my nails can look pretty.

Also, probably most of you don't know how I eat but I normally eat very low carb (VLC) (since 2010).  I decided Saturday to go full on with zero carb - just meat and water (coffee and tea too with nothing in them).  I already lost a pant size since then!  Crazy.  I'll blog more about it in the future but just wanted to make you all aware how I eat.

Interested in zero carb?  Here is the website I follow if you want to learn more:  Zeroing In On Health

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