Saturday, December 21, 2013

Target Data Breach

What can I say - I love me some Target.  In fact, this is my moto:

Go to Target

Unfortunately, you've probably heard there was a data breach of 40 million credit/debit cards at Target between the dates November 27th through December 15th.  And guess what?  I go there at least twice a week - and in fact, went there on November 27th and the last day I went there was December 12th. 

I know a lot of people probably aren't worried because heck, I wouldn't be - I'd just blow it off.  Until I realized my card was compromised!  In fact, the first charge appeared on December 10th but due to me traveling and me blowing off the 'fraud alert' voicemail from my credit card fraud department, I didn't even realize it until I checked my account on the morning of the 17th.  (By the way, I had my actual credit card - they must have gotten my info from the Target breach?)

What ended up happening was I had hardly any credit left on that card (due to my own shopping habits lol), so the thieves were only able to get through a charge of $39.71 at a Rite Aid store in Maryland (I am from Omaha, NE and was at Huntsville, AL at the time).  So yeah, impossible.  I actually called, cancelled my card, and got refunded for the $39.71.  I also called the fraud line and the guy said there were so many charges, he couldn't even read them all back to me.  In fact, the list was so long, he couldn't see them all on one screen! 

He did say there was the Rite Aid one, $670 at a online sneaker store, $25 for pizza in Cali, a $230 charge somewhere else, etc.  They were all declined (except Rite Aid) due to my credit limit already being reached thank goodness.

So I cancelled that one and I checked and realized I used another credit card AND my debit card at Target within that time period.  So I cancelled my debit card - wasn't going to risk it.  And I'm going to cancel my other credit card.

But what a pain!  I had some automatic payments set up with those cards and now I have to go through the process of changing that stuff.  It is just a big inconvenience.  And to think about 40 million credit/debit cards - not all of those people are going to pay attention or get fraud alerts.  It is scary!

And to those thieves out there - GET A JOB!!!!!  Use your data breach skills for good instead of evil. 

I did google yesterday and people are trying to get a class action lawsuit together.  I also heard today that Chase is limiting all of their credit cards affected by the breach to charges of $300 a day and $100 for withdrawals.  I get it - they're just protecting themselves.  Because if it happened to me, it can happen to plenty more people.  In fact, the day I found out about my card being compromised, my co-worker said his friend had his debit number taken and used in Georgia for pizza.  Sounds like the same thieves as mine! 

So my advice is to be aware, check your accounts, pay attention to any fraud alert calls, and realize that it CAN happen to you. 

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