Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

Just got done watching this movie.  This is absolutely by far my favorite Christmas movie.  Just has a great message.  I think we tend to forget that we do make our marks in the world and don't even realize it.  And we shouldn't forget that.

It's A Wonderful Life: 60th Anniversary Edition DVD | TCM | Gift Guide - Save Now | TCM Top Picks | Holiday Favorites - TCM ShopPut a sign outside door that says "You Are Now In Beford Falls"

 James Stewart & H.B. Warner in It’s a Wonderful Life
I don't usually cry at the end of this movie but for some reason this time I did.  When all those family and friends came together for him, it was amazing.  Who knew he had so many people that would have his back. 
it's a wonderful life
And this is the best saying in the world and the absolute truth:

It's A Wonderful Life
I want that someday in my future - to have that many people around me at Christmastime.  Just enjoying each other's company.  Just would be awesome. 

I almost feel like the movie gave a different meaning to me this year since I'm going through some pretty rough stuff - kind of the way George was going through stuff.  You want to give up but you don't - or you get an angel that convinces you to not give up.  And just around the corner, is the Joy you've been waiting for.  Angel cards say Joy is coming my way...just gotta get through these dark days. 

Merry Christmas, folks.  I hope you are all surrounded by many friends and family.

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