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13 Things To Ask Yourself Before the End of 2013 Linkup

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Before I get to it, I have to admit to you guys that 2013 was one of the crappiest years yet.  According to a tarot card reader (Angel Souls), 2014 will be much better.  But we'll see.  I'm always a hopeful person, that is for sure.

1.  What am I most proud of this year?

Few things:
-  Realizing what my true purpose is in life or at least the environment I strive to be in even though the universe isn't letting me get there just yet.
- Surviving a year (and then some) at my current job.
- Selling my house even though it was at a significant loss which has put a significant strain on me.

2. How can I become a better ________?

Social person.  The environment I have been in the last few years has created the situations where I am more comfortable being at home and with myself.  I know this isn't the best thing in the world but due to the current stressors in my life, this is absolutely essential to me not going nutso! lol  I hope that if my environment changes in the future, I will become much more engaged socially.

3. Where do I need to allow myself grace?

Definitely at work where it is impossible to be the best I can be even though I want to be perfect with my career.  And definitely with my eating habits and how I view my body.

4. Am I passionate about my career?
I was not this year but I did used to be.  When no one at work cares one way or another how good you are or what you are accomplishing, it makes you not care either.  Career is no longer important to me.  Sad in a way but it is empowering me to live the life I really need to be living and to stop focusing on money, money, money.

5. What did my finances look like?

Pretty bad, I must admit.  I can keep up with my finances but it is like I'm paying off a luxury car with nothing to show for it due to the deep debt from the loss on my house.  But I know that, pending some unexpected financial expense, that should be paid off in 4 1/2 years.  Or maybe I can win me the 2014 HGTV Dream Home and take the cash alternative and life will be even better!

2013 HGTV Dream Home
6. How did I spend my free time?

Due to a highly stressful day environment, I like to come home and zone out in front of the television.  Some of my favorite shows nowadays are The First 48 and Mob Wives.
The First 48

 Mob Wives - Team Drita!
Team Drita all the way!  Love that cat.  I also like to enter sweepstakes when I'm not watching a little tv. 

7. What projects have I completed?

I'm not quite sure what this question is asking.  I put up my Christmas tree. haha.  I bought a sewing machine and was going to attempt to sew my own clothes but that never happened.  That lady at Joann Fabrics didn't help with my self esteem of learning how to sew.  Like who tells someone you'll never be able to sew in so many words who works for them?  Yeah, I encounter all kinds of ridiculous souls in my life. 

8. In what ways can I restructure my time?

Not sure if this question is even relevant to me.  I go to work and then I come home.  No need for me to restructure my time really.  One thing I did change in 2013 was to get my mornings better situated so I'm not rushing so much.  Normally, I hit the snooze a 100 times before getting up and rushing.  Now, I hit the snooze max 2 times, get up and make myself sip a cup of coffee for 10 minutes while reading texts.  It is my 'zen' time of the day and then I get ready.  By making myself have that time at that exact time, I give myself time to get ready afterwards. 

9. When have I felt the most alive?

Couple times this year - when I was outside running and when I drove on a long trip - even though it was the trip from hell and I got shorted the money I should have been paid.  Being outside is just when I'm in my element.  And I love driving to a destination - I see new places and I love looking at the scenery and I love jammin' to tunes! 

10. How can I improve my relationships?

By moving closer to my friends and stop being such a homebody.

11. What lessons have I learned in 2013?

Money and ambitions will lead you to the wrong places in life.  Where you feel joy most in your life is where you should be.

12. What old habits would I like to release?

Ice cream.  The end.

13. What new habits would I like to cultivate?

- P90X3 or Weight lifting/Ab exercises.  From diet, I am able to get to a decent weight.  However, I would love to have 6 pack abs and guns. 
- Keep up with my household chores.
- Blogging more.

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  1. I like your answer to #8. I think that's a good restructuring of time. I like getting up a bit earlier in the mornings so I'm not rushed too. It's just a better way to start the day! I hope 2014 is better for you!

  2. You had a full year! Thanks for sharing about it. I think you should sew! I have a sewing machine and need to make myself pull it out. My sister says to get on Pinterest and search for 'easy sewing projects'. It might be therapeutic too. =-)


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