Monday, November 11, 2013

Key West Half Marathon, Random Stuff, and New Shoes!

So last night I was in a #RunChat Twitter Party and won the prize!  I won a free entry into the Key West Half Marathon!  YAY!  Road trip!  I've never been to Florida let alone Key West so this is super duper exciting.  Figure I could run the race and visit my two friends who live in Northern Florida while I'm at it.  Fun fun! 

This morning the maintenance guys came over to replace the furnace filter and while they were here I asked them to light my fireplace pilot and now I got a nice burning fire!  This might be my first time I've had a fireplace with a fire going!  Super cozy.  Can't wait till I get my Christmas tree up!

Then I decided to watch a little Super Soul Sunday (i.e. Oprah).  Found this to be a nice quote.

Then UPS stopped by!  Always love them...and Fed Ex.  I got my free Salomon trail running shoes to try out! YAY!  I gotta figure out the laces because they aren't real laces.  Running shoes are getting so futuristic.  Marty McFly, anyone?  haha  So anyways - I can't wait to test them out and let you guys know all about them!   Time to start training for my half marathon!

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