Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maybe a future Big Brother Houseguest???

big brother 15 | Big Brother 15 Premiere Brings New Twists And Turns

You guys might not know this but I'm a Big Brother SUPERFAN!!!!  I watch tons of reality shows but this one is by far my MOST favorite.  I've been watching it seriously since about Season 4.  Love Janelle!!!  And plenty others.  I also subscribe to the live feeds and have continuous twitter updates from Jokers (sent to my phone).  I'm completely and totally OBSESSED.

I never had much interest in going on the show.  I had a friend, Karen, who back in 2007 actually tried out for BB when I lived in Columbus, OH.  I think that was the year where they had the writer's strike and so they were doing a February BB.  I also think it was the year where they were coupled up or had exes or something.  She was going through a divorce so they crossed her off the list, unfortunately.  It sure would have been cool to see someone on there that I knew.

ANYWAYS, so this year I'm bummed about my life and all and need a little excitement.  So I thought to myself....why not go on BB?  I never really thought about it before because its almost impossible to leave for that long at my job.  But I thought about it this year and figured, I'll just take a leave of absence if it came to it.  Why pass up an opportunity like that?

Granted, there is no way I can deal with someone like this:Amanda - Big Brother 15

Or deal with a RAT like this:


To be part of my favorite show?  To talk to my peeps on the live feeds 24/7?  To relax and get tan all day?  To have a pool and a hot tub at my disposal?  Yes, please!  


Sign me up!!!  So look for future posts about BB and me possibly signing up for next year's show. 

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