Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do You Ever Get Lost?

This was of NO help to me today.

Garmin 1450LMT GPS Navigator - Garmin nüvi 1450LMT 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator will prevent you from getting lost again. Garmin Navigator It comes with Lifetime Map, Traffic Updates and handy wide screen which is very helpful while on the road.

I got lost going TO work this morning.  Won't go into the details but part of it was due to construction and then wacky streets of Downtown Omaha.  My NAV just laughed at me the whole time.

Then I had a doctor's appointment after work which I have been to before (but came from home rather than work the previous time).  Thought I'd know how to get there.  Um no.  Lost.  NAV again is like "Can't find that house number."  Like really?  The thing is updated so I'm not understanding why that happened.  Let's just say I had to call the place and they had to guide me there and I was 15 minutes late but they were still able to squeeze me in.

Nothing like getting lost TWICE in one day to places you've been to before.  Normally my brain is pretty good with remembering places and knowing where to go or just finding the streets I need but wow, it failed me today!  Along with my NAV!  Ultimate FAIL. 

One of them days I suppose. 

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