Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3rd - Bad Sunburn - #RockYourBlog

July 3
  • Have you ever had a really bad sunburn?
When I was a kid - ALL THE TIME.  Not to the point of blistering (which my older bro has experienced) but still bad on a regular basis.  I'm pretty fair and can tan after a while but usually burn first and can get pretty badly burned depending.

The last time I got really sunburned (but not too bad) as an adult I think was summer 2010.  Here's a picture of me:

Now, I'm a runner and last summer I ran in some 95+ heat many, many days.  But I didn't get badly sun burnt because I wore sunscreen.  I normally don't wear sunscreen but on super hot days like that - it tends to keep my temperature down and as a runner - that is a VERY good thing.  But if I'm not running and I'm outside, I do not wear sunscreen.  Since I haven't been sun burnt since 2010, I must not get out much! LOL!


  1. Doesn't look too bad, I have only had one sunburn in my life and it was not a fun experience. Thank God for Aloe Vera Gel!

  2. It doesn't look bad at all! And that smile is stunning!

  3. You look cute in that pic, not too burned. :) I used to get roasted like a lobster with blisters. Ouch!


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