Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2nd - UFOs - #RockYourBlog

July 2
  • Do you believe in UFOs?
Before I answer that question, did you know today is World UFO Day?  I had no clue.
world ufo day 2013 lovely

But to answer the question, yes I do.  Back in the 90s, UFOs seem to be getting a lot of attention.  Haven't really heard much since then so I haven't really thought about UFOs.  But I can't imagine in this whole universe that there isn't anyone else out there like us.


  1. I also believe we are not alone in the universe, Not sure I believe in UFO's but hey I can't wait to find of for sure!

  2. Like you, I can't imagine that we are the only people {or life forms} in the universe. Can't say that I have ever seen anything that I felt was a UFO though. :)

  3. idk. seems like something too hard to determine, to take a stand on either way.


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