Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aging Hits Us Whether We Like It Or Not...

Unless you're a celebrity or have great genes, that is.  Heck, I thought as long as I ran and ate healthy, I'd avoid the aging process altogether. 

Not so much.  My birthday is in a couple of days (will turn 36) and it is fitting that today I found out another aging annoyance. 

I put on some shorts to go walk to the mailbox (it is like in the 90s out).  Most of my shorts are super short.  I always think my legs look fine since I'm a runner and I'm on the slimmer side (due to diet) so my legs tend to be thin.  Well, I never look at the back of my legs...but today I did.  I have cellulite and have had it since forever but let me tell you, it gets worse with age.  No matter what I do - it is there!  If I lost all the fat in my body - of course it would disappear but geez...I can't lose all the fat in my body.  And being a runner does not help.  At least for me it doesn't.  Anyways, what I saw today besides more of the cellulite, are these dark veins behind my knees.  What is that!!!!!  I remember seeing those on older ladies.  And now I have it?  WHAT IS THAT!!!!  So that area looks dark and weird plus I have cellulite.  No more wearing shorts above the knee??!!! Or skirts?  Yup, that made me feel old.

So I have dark veins and cellulite.  Plus I've had gray hair since my mid-20s but its getting worse and worse by the year now.  I have to go to the salon for a root touch up every 5 weeks...and honestly I probably should go every 2 weeks but that is ridiculous. 

Then there are the wrinkles!  I say in the last year or two they have become prominent - so much so that you can see them in pictures.  And the age spots have even started.  What is that!!??? 

The funny thing is...I don't feel like the age that my body is saying I am!  My mind says I'm 25.  Heck, I haven't done half the stuff most people my age have done (husband, kids, getting my life together lol).  I almost feel like I'm going through puberty again!  LOL!!!  I remember my body changing and every day I would chant to myself I want to stay a kid.  I want to stay a kid!  LOL!  Oh man, life comes full circle at times don't it? 

Getting older & the mind
I guess we all can't be perfect.  I just wish my imperfections were a lot less! LOL  Granted, I probably won't stop wearing short shorts or skirts etc.  Because wearing long shorts etc just isn't me.  Plus, I work hard for these legs - and if they look good from the front - who really cares about the back? LOL  I'll continue to dye my hair because I just can't get over that.  And my wrinkles, well they are what they are.  I am not a fan of sticking needles in my forehead.  And my age spots....nothing I can do about that.  It is just weird to see your body getting older.  Happy Birthday to me! LOL

Getting older
This is what I need to remember!!!

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