Sunday, June 30, 2013

What in the World Happened to Chivalry????

Chivalry is pretty much dead I'm finding out.  Or close to it.  I don't know if its getting worse in general or its just Nebraska, but it is BAD.  Everyday I'm holding the door for men - and I hardly ever get thanks.  If they are right there, why are they not reaching for the door first???  And holding it for ME?  Maybe this is the side effect of women's equality but I gotta say, it super sucks!!!!

High five ... in the face!
Now get this story from yesterday.  I went to Kohls on Friday and was walking to check out.  There was one cashier and there was no one around.  So I'm walking and I'm almost at the register when this guy comes from out of nowhere walking very fast right past me and in front of me!  Now it was extremely obvious that I was going to that register.  He basically cut in front of me!  I mean that is rude in general but it just reinterates my experiences of men not being chivalrous.  I almost went off on the dude but I'm trying to practice restraint so I didn't.  So then of course the cashier is like hey you want to sign up for a credit card (so I can fume even more due to him taking his sweet ol' time!) and he's like no but then he did sign up for emails.  If you're in such a rush, why would you sign up for emails?  Gosh, it took forever for him to get the freak out of there.  So annoying.

 drake quotes - chivalry is not dead!!

Now I must admit, due to all those times (99.9% of the time) when men aren't chivalrous - it does make one grateful when men ARE chivalrous.  It doesn't happen often but it does happen sometimes.  Makes me so stinkin' happy.

A few months ago this guy at work let me go into the elevator before him even tho I was far away from it (but walking towards it).  I was like WOW there are gentlemen in the world.  (Super cute, btw ;) )  Then he held it for my co-worker who was even farther away.   Something as simple as that is all a girl needs!  Is it so hard, guys??!!!!!! 


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