Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Runday

I decided to run today.  Mostly because I wanted to wear my new outfit!  An explosion of pink.  My new pink tank top, new black mesh shorts with pink shorts underneath, pink Saucony running shoes, and my pink sparkly headband.  Just did maybe 2 miles or so.  Still need to build my endurance up because I can't run up the hills yet.  Air was a bit cooler today and that did bother my lungs but I still trucked on.  Check out my outfit:

Also, I wanted to show you the Garmin that I bought (haven't gotten yet) from  I won a gift card from CarrotsandCake blog so I almost got the watch for free!  Finally, I'll be able to know how many miles I run and the time.  Yay!

Anyways, hope you guys have had an awesome weekend.  This coming week is a short week for me thank goodness.  I also hope to be blogging more this month (been a big time blogger slacker) because I'm going to try to link up with a blogger who has prompts for every day.  Should be fun.  Have a great Sunday everyone!


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