Sunday, June 30, 2013

What in the World Happened to Chivalry????

Chivalry is pretty much dead I'm finding out.  Or close to it.  I don't know if its getting worse in general or its just Nebraska, but it is BAD.  Everyday I'm holding the door for men - and I hardly ever get thanks.  If they are right there, why are they not reaching for the door first???  And holding it for ME?  Maybe this is the side effect of women's equality but I gotta say, it super sucks!!!!

High five ... in the face!
Now get this story from yesterday.  I went to Kohls on Friday and was walking to check out.  There was one cashier and there was no one around.  So I'm walking and I'm almost at the register when this guy comes from out of nowhere walking very fast right past me and in front of me!  Now it was extremely obvious that I was going to that register.  He basically cut in front of me!  I mean that is rude in general but it just reinterates my experiences of men not being chivalrous.  I almost went off on the dude but I'm trying to practice restraint so I didn't.  So then of course the cashier is like hey you want to sign up for a credit card (so I can fume even more due to him taking his sweet ol' time!) and he's like no but then he did sign up for emails.  If you're in such a rush, why would you sign up for emails?  Gosh, it took forever for him to get the freak out of there.  So annoying.

 drake quotes - chivalry is not dead!!

Now I must admit, due to all those times (99.9% of the time) when men aren't chivalrous - it does make one grateful when men ARE chivalrous.  It doesn't happen often but it does happen sometimes.  Makes me so stinkin' happy.

A few months ago this guy at work let me go into the elevator before him even tho I was far away from it (but walking towards it).  I was like WOW there are gentlemen in the world.  (Super cute, btw ;) )  Then he held it for my co-worker who was even farther away.   Something as simple as that is all a girl needs!  Is it so hard, guys??!!!!!! 


Sunday Runday

I decided to run today.  Mostly because I wanted to wear my new outfit!  An explosion of pink.  My new pink tank top, new black mesh shorts with pink shorts underneath, pink Saucony running shoes, and my pink sparkly headband.  Just did maybe 2 miles or so.  Still need to build my endurance up because I can't run up the hills yet.  Air was a bit cooler today and that did bother my lungs but I still trucked on.  Check out my outfit:

Also, I wanted to show you the Garmin that I bought (haven't gotten yet) from  I won a gift card from CarrotsandCake blog so I almost got the watch for free!  Finally, I'll be able to know how many miles I run and the time.  Yay!

Anyways, hope you guys have had an awesome weekend.  This coming week is a short week for me thank goodness.  I also hope to be blogging more this month (been a big time blogger slacker) because I'm going to try to link up with a blogger who has prompts for every day.  Should be fun.  Have a great Sunday everyone!


My Recent Clothing Finds...

Friday I hit up Kohls to see if there was anything of interest I'd like to buy.  I bought a peasant type of top and a running top (see below).

While I was there, I saw this Chambray colored (jean fabric) also peasant looking top but they only had Extra Small.  I was in the misses department so normally I could probably get away with Small but Extra Small was pushing it.  I have pretty broad shoulders and I don't care how much weight I can lose - bones don't shrink.  But I tried it on anyways.  It actually fit pretty good except - I couldn't really lift my arms LOL!  I know I know - problem.  But it was so stinkin' cute!  So I figured I hold myself back and not buy it even though I loved it and try to buy a larger size online.  Well that didn't work out.  They had none online.  And I figured other stores probably didn't have any either or if they did they'd have Extra Small, too.  I was NOT in the mood to call around nor drive around to find out.  So the next day I woke up and I was so adamant that I was going to go buy that top even though it was Extra Small.  So I went there and bought it!  Here is a picture of the top.  It is actually quite a bit lighter and looks WAY better on. 

Then I decided to hit up Target which was nearby for some ink.  Found some really cute shorts while I was there.  They were mesh and underneath they had shorts in pink.  LOVE.  They had other color combos but I didn't have anything that would match so I just bought these.  See below.

So those are my finds this weekend.  I ended up going for a run today just to wear my new tank and shorts! LOL!  The things I'll do just to wear pretty clothes haha.  I'll post some pictures of that in a separate blog post coming up later today.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For the Curly Girls...

Sorry guys - I've been MIA from my blog for like a month!  Just haven't felt up to blogging about anything.  Having some hard times which I cannot discuss due to this blog being public but hope things get better.  Anywho....I recently watched a video of how this girl does her curly hair...check it out here:

Now I know that seems like a TON of work and takes FOREVER!!!!!!  I thought the same thing.  There are some good tidbits I took from the video.  First, I did the scrunch up thing she was doing with the L'oreal product below.  I then took a genius thing she does - which is twisting the front pieces.  For whatever reason, my front pieces are so all over the stinkin' place and in weird shapes and stuff so I look ridiculous.  But twisting it before drying it, tames them into a curl shape.  I then spritz on Bed Head product,which for me eliminates most of my frizz (miracle!).

I then flip my hair upside down and dry for like 2-3 minutes without the diffuser.  I have no use or patience for the diffuser.  My hair comes out fine regardless and is voluminous, at least for my fine hair.  Here's me today with my curlies...

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