Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things don't happen to you...they happen for you!

Just had to write about something that happened TO me (or FOR me as some spiritual leaders would say) back in high school that was ultra humiliating.  I had a lot of awful times mostly in junior high and some in high school.  One of my most shameful moments was when a guy said I was the ugliest girl he'd ever seen in front of my whole class in 8th grade (my teacher wasn't in the room yet).  And there was the time in 9th grade when a guy pulled my desk out from under me when I went to sit down.  And people wonder why I'm single?  Guys haven't really given me good impressions. haha  But I'm not here to talk about those moments.

I think I was in high school and I was taking Geography class.  I loved Geography but my memory ain't the best so I probably getting a C.  Not that it matters.  One time we had to do a speech in front of the class on something and there was no way I could avoid it.  So I think I did something on Iraq or Iran.  I guess, at the time you would pronounce Iraq/Iran as a long A or whatever - I-ROCK or I-RAWN but I kept saying I-RACK or I-RAN during my speech and the teacher corrected me but for some reason when I saw that word my mind would always interpret it wrong and say it wrong.  And my teacher KEPT correcting me DURING my speech EVERY time I would say it IN FRONT of the whole class.  Super humiliating.  Most people don't like making speeches (myself totally included).  And here I was, deathly afraid of speaking but I was doing it, and my teacher was correcting my errors while I'm speaking!  And this was in high school - so every embarrassment is heightened by a thousand percent.

So what is my point here.  Well, my name is Jovan.  You say it like JOE-VAWN.  Heck, most of the time I saw it like JA-VAWN and it is my own name LMAO!  Anyways, a lot...and I mean A LOT of people, don't say my name right - they always say JOE-VAN (like a minivan).  Which totally makes sense.  And a lot of them, once they know how to say my name right, they still 'accidentally' call me JOE-VAN.  But it doesn't bother me.  You know why?  Because of my high school humiliating speech experience.  If I hadn't had that experience, probably every time someone said my name wrong, whether for the first time or the millionth time, I would have probably gotten annoyed with that person.  But I have NEVER felt annoyed when that happens - because I've been there myself and couldn't pronounce the word right no matter how much I was corrected and humiliated in front of my classmates.  So I always take it in stride when someone can't say my name right.  At least they give the effort to say my name at all.

Just goes to show that humiliating, awful moments can make you into a emphatatic person in even the most simplest ways.  Might take you 20 years to realize it, but it is awesome when you connect the dots.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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