Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Copy Cat Closet - My Style!

I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode and The Grant Life for Copy Cat Closet challenge.  This week is FUN!  It is all about showing your style.  Yesssss....

My style in my heart is 70s type of clothing.  I swear I was born in the wrong decade.  My mom was SO lucky!  I mean I was born in the 70s but would have rather been in my 20s during that time.  LOVE the style so much. 

So of course I LOVE the store Free People because they have all that stuff.  However, their stuff costs $150-$200 a piece and their jeans are mostly 35" inseam (I'm a 27" inseam on a good day).  So I don't really get to wear my true style like EVER because I don't have anything that is my true style.  Not to mention the few items I have, I don't really wear due to the fact that the only place I go is work and those clothes aren't really work appropriate. 


But thankfully, this challenge comes along and I get to show you guys my true self!  I am feeling good!

Here ya go!

I totally did my hair that way to play off of a picture of my mom in the early 70s.  I want to be her in the 70s!  Obsessed much?

Ooops that might be actually 1967 or 1968 because that is my older bro as a baby.  Well, close enough.  Ok, I'll find a pic of the 70s.  Here ya go.

Ok, this is 1977 when I was born (I'm da baby).  Mom on left, Grandma on the right, and Great Grandma holding me.  Look at my mom's outfit - totally 70s!  Totally my style!  I even have those pants!  She gave them to me.  I cannot for the life of me fit in them but that is ok.  Maybe someday.

Ok, sorry guys - totally off track here.  Here are some more pics.

LOVE this outfit.

Hoop Earrings:  No idea - probably Kohls
Tank:  Kohls
Flowy Top - Kohls
Jeans - Kohls 
Boots - Target

the Grant life


  1. thHey, I love how you pulled the 70s look off. Gotta love the retro, right? Have you tried thrift shopping for vintage finds?

  2. I have been finding myself drawn to 70s style fashion too.


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