Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things Are Looking Up!

So Thursday I got the word that the lady who recently put an offer on my house STILL wanted to buy my house after I declined her $7500 'repair' request after the inspection was done.  So it looks like the house might be selling soon.  Don't want to jinx it and it still doesn't seem real but I think my house is on its way to being.....

FOR SALE / SOLD sign Business Card Templates from

Then on Friday, I got a call from this place and I initially thought it was a telemarketer and thought this was a joke so I probably didn't sound as excited as I should have been on the phone.  But the lady was calling to tell me I won an iPad 3!!!!  (It is for real, btw)  Wow, I had been entering for an iPad since they came out in 2010!  Yes!  Now I can be an even bigger couch potato than I was before - surfing the net while watching tv.  Sweet!

iPad iPad iPad ipad,

Then I ended up winning a twitter sweepstakes for a 4 pack of lip butter.

New Nivea Lip Butters

Then I found out my friends who I hung out with (one I worked with) when I lived in Dayton are moving to Nebraska!  YAY!

The two on the left are the ones that are moving here YAY!  I'm in the middle cracking up (if you couldn't tell which one was me).  We were on the party bus.  Fun times.

So overall a good couple of days. Hope this streak lasts!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sleeping on the Run...

Someone's blog I read sometimes posts funny runner pictures from races.  Hilarious!  I look pretty bad in most of my pics.  Mostly due to lack of fashion sense or the photographer zooming too close in and from the ground so I look enormous!  Also, I seem to be sleeping in most of the pictures hahaha!  Anyways, I thought I'd share with you guys.  Feel free to crack up - I am!

This is from the 2008 Columbus Half Marathon.  Whew, did that lady fart? LOL!

Start of my sleep racing :)


Being a goofball...

 My first Air Force Half Marathon!  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....And what am I wearing?!!!

Here's me at my 2nd Air Force Marathon....

The rest of the pics are from the 2011 Columbus Marathon.  You would think that to be able to pose after a race, you might get a good shot.  Um, not so much - not with the sun in your eyes and hair flying everywhere.  Doh!

Sleepy girl...

Me trying to pull off the peace signs while looking FAIL...LOL

 Another FAIL...What is up with this photographer?  All of my Columbus Marathon pics are of me sleeping!

Another failed attempt at waving while looking cute.

 Ultimate classic!  I look 100% asleep.  If I remember correctly, this was during the last 2-4 miles (can't remember) so I'm dead at this point.  Hurting pretty bad...what is up with those smiling guys behind me?  Geez, send a little happiness over to me fellas.

That's all folks!

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