Monday, April 30, 2012

To run or not to run...that is the question...

So I'm contemplating running the 2012 Air Force Marathon.

A little backstory:

I started running a gazillion years ago (maybe in 2001/2002) with my co-workers/friends Kelly (HoutzHouseParty) and Belinda. Basically I ran for exercise. That is it. Fast forward to 2007. I lived in Columbus, OH and was pretty much on my own up there. So I tried to be more involved with new things. My friend Karen at the time signed her and I up for a half marathon because it was free through our work. I had NO idea what a half marathon was. She told me she thought it was a 5k. So I looked up what a 5k was. 3.1 biggie. Although the farthest I probably ran at the time was 2 miles. I can run 3.1. I think maybe a week before race day I found out how many miles it really was. Not 3.1. 13.1 miles! YIKES! We did it anyways! We jogged most of it and my knees were killing me around the 10th mile. But we finished! 

And I was hooked for the next 4 years.

I ran several 5ks, 10ks, other races, and approximately 7 half marathons. I also attempted my first marathon in 2009 (Air Force Marathon). 2011 was my biggest year yet. In a month's span, I ran two marathons (Air Force and Columbus) and did my best 5k time by 2 minutes. But I was done. Over it. Tired. Still am. I had an obligation to run the Tough Mudder in November so I tried - stopped after 3 miles. It was just brutal. I have not run a lick since then. No exercise at all except for a couple of wallyball games in January.

For me, life is just easier when I don't run. Not to mention I have more energy. Running takes a toll out on me. It just does. And the fact that I am on a schedule drives me nuts. If I wanna go home and be a blob, I want to do that. But with the marathon training schedule, it is a bit hard to do that. So I don't run.

So what happened lately where I am contemplating running the marathon AGAIN??!!! Isn't 3 marathons enough?

Last week we had a retirement luncheon at bass lake on base. The way there is part of the Air Force Marathon route. Memories came flooding back. I know I was in pain during the marathons but they are good memories regardless. You're part of this HUGE event with lots of people yet its all about seeing what you can do for yourself. What can you accomplish. Then I was thinking about it again today. It is luring me in. Like I am meant to run it. Like I can't not be a part of it because I always am a part of it. It is in my soul.

Ok maybe that sounds cheesy. But I just feel this strong pull to do it. I know I can do it. I know it will probably be painful halfway through. But I can rock it.

The training schedule is the part that is stopping me from signing up. Just don't know if I can physically and mentally handle it AGAIN.

So that's where I'm at with this right now.

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment. :)

2007 Columbus Half Marathon (my first race)

2009 Air Force Marathon

2011 Air Force Marathon

2011 Air Force Marathon with my coworkers/friends

2011 Air Force Marathon with Joy who also ran the marathon


2011 Columbus Marathon (first time using my magic shoes in a marathon)

The Tough Mudder I attempted in November

My medals

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for what I wore wednesday (WIWW). 

I actually am not going to show you what I wore today.  When I go to work, I usually dress pretty blah - more for comfort.  Plus our office is a balmy 63 degrees, so I load on the layers of sweaters.  Maybe once I move over to my new office (where it is super hot lol), I'll dress better. 

So in the meantime, I'm showing you my outfit from a get together I had on Saturday.

I be stylin'! LOL! 

Shirt/Tank underneath:  Kohls
Jeans (you can't see):  I have no clue - they're probably 15 years old but comfy
Purse/Sunglasses:  Justice.  These were actually my friend Lori's daughter, Abigail.  She's 13.  I'm just a big kid at heart, ya know? haha

And here's a fun pic we took that night:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tutorial - Flat Curly Hair to Voluminous Straight Hair

For the past year and a half, I've been getting my hair done in a salon.  Along the way, I've picked up some tips to make my hair look like they do it in the salon.  Now I cannot do everything they do but I try to incorporate some of the things they do.  Back in my younger years, I would have LOVED to know how to do my hair like I do now.  I always seemed to do something wrong - curly hair is just like that.  Has a mind of its own!  So here's a picture tutorial of how I get my hair from flat curly to voluminous straight just as if I came out of the salon. 

First, wash/condition your hair.

(btw - that is tea in that mug lol I had to use it as to prop up my camera sometimes so its in my pictures a bit.  haha)

Next, you comb out your wet hair so there aren't any tangles

Then you blow it dry wildly.  I normally sit on my toilet (seat down lol) and turn my head upside down and blow it till its dry.  This probably creates some of the volume.

Gotta love these pics haha!

Here are the after pics after my hair is dry.

Then you take a flat brush...

(sorry I didn't get the whole brush in the picture. lol)

and you use that flat brush to brush up your roots and use your blow dryer at the same time on them.  This creates volume at the root plus straightens the root at the same time so you don't have to use your flat iron on the roots later.  Plus you do this root thing all around your head even in the back so you most likely won't have those annoying kinks!

(sorry the camera cut off where I'm doing this)

Then you are going to brush the rest of your hair out (like you're trying to get out tangles).  You don't have to use a blow dryer when you do this but most of the time I do.

Your hair will be EXTREMELY frizzy.  But that's a good thing.  That is where I think the volume comes from the most.

Then you're going to separate your hair in two sections.  I do the sides/top/front of my hair last.

Then you take sections and straighten with a flat iron.

While you're straightening a section, you can also use your flat iron to curl under the ends. 

After you've done all your is the finished product!

US Wellness Meats

Has anyone heard of US Wellness Meats?  They're a farm/company where you can get meat (and other things) that come from humanely raised animals.  The main reason I buy there is because they have grass-fed beef.  My diet consists of mainly meat and so I want the best meat out there so I go to them.  They have all kinds of stuff!  I just got this delivery on Thursday of 15lbs of beef, 1.5lbs of SUGAR FREE bacon (consists of only pork and salt), and a grass fed cow knuckle bone (for my bone broth where you can see the recipe I followed HERE).  I also like to buy pemmican which I use as a snack. 

You can sign up for their newsletter HERE. They come out every Sunday and talk about their farm, have doctors give advice, give recipes, and even offer a 15% every now and again. 

My package of meat

The 1.5lb of bacon.  Which was consumed entirely this weekend because my friends LOVE BACON!

Here are some pictures from their latest newsletter. 

April Grazing

Cows grazing

April Grazing

More cows grazing. :)

By the way, there is a giveaway at Nom Nom Paleo for 9lbs of the sugar free bacon I was talking about!  Click HERE.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mingle - phone, waking up, and typing

I've linked up with Eighty MPH Mom for her Monday Mingle. 


Every monday you answer 3 questions.  Here are the questions and my answers:

1. How many rings does it take you to answer the phone?

I hardly ever answer my phone.  No one really calls me but telemarketers.  But if someone I know does call, I usually answer right away.  If I'm at work and someone calls me, I kind of get all zen before answering - so maybe 2 rings?

2. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Is it really morning?  Do I have to get up?

3. How fast do you type? Did you learn to type in school?

Pretty fast - maybe 75 to 100 wpm.  People are always remarking how fast I type and how loud I type too! haha  I actually took a typewriter typing class my junior year of high school and did not so great.  Maybe got a C.  My senior year I needed an additional class so I took this other typing class and thats when I got in the groove of things.  Got straight As in that class and have never looked back.  In fact, my dream job would be to just type all day! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HGTV Green Home | HGTV Dreams Happen: Sweepstakes Blog

The time to enter for the new 2012 HGTV Green Home is almost here!  Here is the blog about it...

HGTV Green Home | HGTV Dreams Happen: Sweepstakes Blog

And of course you can check out the pictures on the site also.  I LOVE this house.  I especially like the outdoor deck and all the rooms surrounding it with tons of windows!  LOOOOVE the master bedroom with the area outside of it where you can just sun yourself!  I'm not fond of the 1 car garage but I could handle it with all that other stuff.  I'd also add a hottub. 

I would probably take this house over cash.  I just love the outside so much!  And I loooove the Georgia room.  Ok I'll stop talking about you can go check it out!  I think you can start entering April 12th.  Drawing is on June 14th I think?  Its gonna be a loooong couple months.  hahaha

What I wore Wednesday - Size 5 jeans!

My outfit I wore out to get my allergy shots and gas.  :)  Yes, 5 jeans baby!

Top and Jeans are from Kohls.  Shoes (5 inch boots by the way) are from Piperlime I think.

Linked up with:  The Pleated Poppy

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo A Day - April 2 - Color

Today's photo of the day deals with color.  I won some Essie blue nail polish recently and decided to paint my nails blue today.  So here is a pic of them: 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo A Day - April 1 - My reflection

A blog I stumbled across (Fat Mum Slim) has a photo a day kind of blog posting going on across blogs.  She has a word or words for each day for you to take a picture of and post on blogs, twitter, etc.  I thought I'll try to attempt it.  Here is the list:

So the picture for today is my reflection.  I am just going to post some past photos of my reflection - thought it would be more fun to see past shots than my current reflection. 

 Me in Nashville

 Me at White House Black Market
This might have been in a rest area bathroom (on my way to Nashville)

Yes, I was one of those people who liked to take bathroom shots LOL!  I don't really do that anymore.

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