Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bringing you a little inspiration...

As some of you may or may not know, I've been going through maybe the roughest time in my life the last 4 or so months with house, new job, finances, new state, no friends yet here, etc.  It has been rough and still is at times.

Thankfully, in swoops Oprah.  She interviewed these spiritual teachers a few weeks ago.  One of them being Mastin Kipp who runs the website The Daily Love.

It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY.  If you haven't signed up for his newsletter, you need to!  You should follow him on twitter too - @thedailylove.

Through his site, I find many other spiritual teachers who blog about things on this site.  If I really like what they wrote, I will start following their blogs/twitter/facebook pages.  The one I'm specifically going to talk about today is The Daily Way Home by Ryf Van Rij.

You should sign up for his blog newsletter too and twitter.

I'm going to quote some of his blog today which I think is profound and definitely what I needed to read today.

"Self sabotage is when we turn our own guns on ourselves."

"The saboteur’s job is to convince you to stick with what’s familiar so you don’t have to risk your “comfort and security.” The saboteur’s marketing strategy is to sell you on sticking with the “easier path.”"

Me here - if you are in your comfort zone, you are NOT growing.

"Self sabotage may have deep seated routes in the messages we were given as children growing up. Or they may be the result of feeling we are different or that we didn’t fit in or belong. They may also be the reactions to emotions we are trying to hide and deny by using addiction or procrastination."

Most important message - "When we are throwing up roadblocks to our lives and self sabotaging we’re really just a denying our own innate goodness and not acting the part of our own Inner Divinity."

"We need to live consciously and become aware of when our saboteur is running the show. What we resist persists. So with awareness we can then make a conscious decision to “turn the other cheek.” Our job is to become conscious of when the saboteur is engaging, and then with non resistance, disengage by substituting an empowered thought that resonates deeply with joy or bliss, or a thought that connects deeply to our Definite Major Purpose."

So how does this relate to whats going on in my life?  Well I've been feeling rejected (by a guy), unliked and that I don't belong (by people I work with).  It just consumes me and I can't seem to get out of my funk.

So I read The Daily Way Home's blog today and it helped me tons.  So these people were making me feel rejected, unliked, and that I don't belong?  Why am I feeling those feelings?  Why am I taking it personally?  I would assume I'm feeling this way due to my childhood for whatever reason.  And my 'sabotager' is saying that these feelings are in my comfort zone (I'm used to them from my childhood).  So I feel that way and I take it personally and I feel like total crap because I'm used to that. 

So what do I do?  I need to become AWARE that my saboteur is running the show.  It likes to be comfortable and know what it knows.  But by becoming AWARE, your spirit/soul/being starts to run the show.  So what did I do?  I became aware of how I was reacting and how it might be from my childhood.  I then took what Mr. Rij says about "substituting a empowered thought".  I said to myself:  My soul is worthy of being liked, worthy of love, worthy of belonging.  Those people who made comments or acted in certain ways to make me feel the opposite do not determine my worth.  I am worthy by being a part of God.  PERIOD.  Circumstances and people in our lives DO NOT determine our worthiness.  We are worthy just by being part of God.  We tend to forget that and have our saboteur/ego take over our lives.   

So I hope that gave some of you inspiration and I highly recommend following the inspirational teachers.  Have an awesome day!

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