Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Year in Review

I saw this on another blog post and I thought I'd do one myself.  2012 was not such a great year for me.  In fact, I had the hardest challenges in my life in 2012.  I didn't really want to look back on the stuff that I'm STILL dealing with (my house) but I figured it might be interesting to look back nonetheless and maybe the good will better than the bad.

Here is what Facebook came up with for 2012 in review with my statuses...pretty funny!

Apparently, I seem to win a lot! Haha!  Now if I can only with the 2013 HGTV Dream Home, then I'll be all set! :)

So how did I bring in the New Year?  With my peeps of course!

Kris, Kelli, Moi, Lori, and Justin - good times had by all!


Nothing much happened in January.  I was disappointed with my work because I was under the impression that I would be promoted at this point and I was not.  And it wasn't even looking that way for a long, long time.  So I started looking for a job - eventually this would turn into a worldwide search.  I only wanted my certain position and those jobs are few and far between.  But I applied nonetheless whenever I would find one.  I also redid my kitchen (which you'll see in the July post).  Redid the countertops and the backsplash.  I did it myself and it was such hard work.  At this point, it seems to be all for nothing.  Oh well, maybe someone will enjoy my work someday. 


Superbowl time!  I had such high hopes for my team but it wasn't a great day for them.  Anyways- here is a picture of me at my office superbowl luncheon.  (I'm in the middle)


I started my blog!  Thanks to my girl Kelly over at The Houtz House Party!  Also, my good friend and co-worker Robin, retired!  So sad.  Here we are in February:


I fit into size 5 jeans!

Also, my friend Lori came into town (from Massachusetts) so her and Kelli came over!  YAY!  Good times as usual.


I finally got Level 3 certified in contracting (which would help me get promoted in the future).  I also started training for my 4th marathon (which would never happen due to me moving right when it was happening).  I got referred for several jobs, including one in Naples, Italy but none of those jobs came about.  The most important thing in May - I saw my girl Kelly (The Houtz House Party)!


I ran a half marathon.

I also had to get my license renewed.  Barely passed the eye test!  And I would later learn that I wouldn't need this license in a few months.  Doh!  But it is my best picture yet so I have to show it off. :)


My birthday month!  I turned 35.  Very hard since I'm a gazillion years behind everyone else!  I mean yes I have my career together but nothing else is together! LOL! 

Found out early in the month that I got a job in Omaha, NEBRASKA!  A promotion and they paid moving costs, etc.  SOLD!  But where is Nebraska?  I literally had to google it.  I'm not kidding.

Oh there it is!  Right smack dab in the middle of the United States.  12 hours from Dayton.

Before I head off to Nebraska, I had another half marathon to run!  This time it was a trail marathon in Wisconsin.

Then I went to see America!  Unfortunately, my phone died about right before they started playing.  But I did get this picture of me and my friend Kelli:

After the concert, I had to get busy fixing up my house to sell because I was moving in September!

Here is the chaos from painting.

Here my kitchen (where I did the countertops and backsplash):


 I got poison ivy on my calfs and that is the WORST!  In the middle of the summer!  It basically looked like a billion huge bug bites all over my calfs and shins.  Not pretty.  So I had to be innovative with my style lol...

I think I look pretty cute! 

Mid-August I ended up taking a house hunting trip to Omaha.  Found me an apartment and visited my new office. 

Since I was going to move, I figured this was as good a time as any to buy a new tv!  I have a big box tv that has served me well over the years (8 years to be exact) but I was ready to get a flat screen HDTV! 

I love it!

Then at the end of August, I had my going away party at work.  If you want to watch the videos from it, you can go HERE.  But in the meantime, here is a picture of me and my meal (LOL!) and my plaque.


Moving time! 

On my way to Omaha!

 My new AWESOME closet!

My new place!  My TV works awesome in there!

My new office building.


September and October and even November were pretty rough months.  So there really isn't too much to post but there are a few things!

I had to let go of my precious plates and get EXPENSIVE Nebraska plates.  :(

I didn't go to any Halloween parties (no friends yet) but I did win a costume so I thought I'd put it on and see if I could pull off Black Swan.  


This is all that happened in November and I'm perfectly OK with that. ;)


 I put up my tree.

Then I went to the local tree lighting (all by myself).  Lots of families were there so it was beyond awkward but I wanted to get out of the house for a change.  Froze my butt off but the tree was cool and Santa came by and there was also fireworks.

Then we finally had our first snow!  Now this was only a dusting really but we got hit 2 weeks ago with what the weather people call a blizzard.  I want more snow! :)

So that's all, folks!  I really didn't get into the hard parts of 2012 but they are super hard and they are continuing.  I'm hoping 2013 will be my year, but we shall see won't we?  Astrologyzone states that June/July 2013 to July 2014 is Cancer's year (something about Jupiter being in some sort of position or something)...these only come once in a while (the last time it was MY year was 2001 and my life changed completely - I became responsible and got my life together LOL!).  So we shall see!  I hoping for a lot of things in the new year - especially like a date or something!  :)  Best wishes to you all!



  1. I was cracking up through so much of this post! It made me miss you soooo soooo very much girl!!!!! Gosh I miss you! Seeing your Ohio house packed up made me sad and it's dumb because I don't even live there anymore!!! LOLOL I love you girl!

  2. Erin O'Brien ( 3, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    Welcome to Omaha!

    I have moved a few times myself, and often it's been a bummer. I grew up in council Bluffs, IA, went to Iowa State, moved to Chicago, then Tallahassee, FL, then Los Angeles... and finally I'm back in Iowa and working in Omaha!

    How are you liking it? If you'd like any advice in the area, feel free to hit me up!

    Cheers for 2013,


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