Monday, November 26, 2012

Ninjas Run Too!

So we're having an actual organized big sort of race here in Omaha on December 16th called the Ugly Sweater Run (  So I decided to sign up! 

First race since June.  Its a 5k.  So after I signed up, I needed to find an ugly sweater.  This was a moment where I wish I had saved all mine from junior high.  But I did not.  So I hit SIX stores yesterday thinking one of them would have something.  Walmart had some plain sort of Christmas sweaters - and I didn't think they were ugly or exciting enough.  I even went to Goodwill but they only had summer stuff - um, ok?  Ultimate fail.  So I went home and got on eBay.  I've never bought anything on eBay.  I found this one sweater that was cool but it sold while I was checking it out.  So I found another one and had a little bitty bidding war and won it.  Not extremely ugly but it reminds me of something I would have worn in junior high.

I plan on wearing my red tights too and a Santa hat and my sequin green gloves (well half gloves). 

So I have only run once in four months so I figured I better get some running in before the race so I don't embarrass myself too much.  Today was the day!

Not the best of days to choose to run.


Granted, it wasn't snowing when I went out.  But it was a frozen WINDY tundra out there.  Here is how I WAS going out there to run...this is the before.

Once I stepped outside, the wind got me.  So I ran back inside and put on my 'runners' mask (like a ski mask) which would keep my neck and face warm while I ran.  It helped a ton.  My fingers were pretty frozen when I got back (even though I was wearing special Brooks gloves/mittens).  So here is me after and the reason for the title of this blog.

LOL!  A ninja with pigtails! hahahaha!  I had no clue I looked like a ninja.  People probably thought I was super weird!  But it helped. 

Anyways, I probably ran a couple miles (Dear Santa:  Please bring me a Garmin). 


  1. Hahaha! You look SOO awesome!!! And you go girl for running in the tundra! Holy coldness!!

  2. Jovan we can't wait to have you run with with us!! And we promise not to tell anyone if you just decide to go sledding and drink instead ;)

    Love @uglysweaterrun


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